Reflections – two weeks in

The cycling is going well. Average speed is a touch lower than anticipated at around 11mph due to storm force head winds through Lincolnshire. There have been one or two minor issues with the bike such as a snapped gear wire and a broken chair but nothing so far that hasn’t been fixable by the roadside.

Legs and body are holding up better than expected and, in spite of a near miss with a land-rover in North Kent, injuries have been avoided.

But the joy of the ride has been meeting so many generous and positive people. Cycling companions have been a tremendous support on some challenging legs. Samaritans welcoming me into their homes have offered generous hospitality. Colleagues with whom I’ve been privileged to have shared a shift have been interested, kind and supportive. It’s been an enriching and humbling first two weeks. I hope the ride is doing it’s bit to promote the Samaritans’ cause.

Visiting so many excellent branches has offered an opportunity to share ideas and perspectives.

So much is happening that I’ve been unable to allocate sufficient time to updating this site. But if you would like to follow the ride each, day try

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