Samaritans – join our teams of volunteers, supporters and donors

You’ll be sure of a warm welcome if you become a Samaritan

As a listening volunteer:SAMS volunteer

Samaritans are always keen to recruit ‘listening volunteers’ to take calls from people whose lives are under pressure. This may sound like a daunting task but training is provided and you’ll also be able to rely on an experienced mentor who’ll be alongside you during the ‘learning’ phase.

As a support volunteer:SAMS volunteers

There are other roles in our local branches too. These include: fundraising; organising publicity; administration; financial management; health and safety; building maintenace and IT support. Without support volunteers, branches simply couldn’t operate.

Perhaps it’s time to join the thousands of people who’ve volunteered at their local branch. You’ll be helping to provide a unique form of support for some of our most vulnerable citizens. Find out more.

As a donor:

It costs around £12,000 each year to keep a branch going in a medium sized town like Hastings.

A donation of £1,000 will keep an average branch going for a month.

£250 will support a branch’s activities for a week.

£40 will help keep a branch open for a day.

£10 covers the cost of answering calls from two people struggling to cope.

Please use the following links to donate to any of the Samaritans branches represented by our team.

OR if you prefer to support Samaritans nationally through its Central Charity, DONATE HERE – SAMARITANS CENTRAL CHARITY

All donations transfer directly to the Samaritans

Our Supporters

British Racing School – Conference Centre, Newmarket, Suffolk

Elior Contract Catering

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